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If you’re like most sellers today, you’re probably selling your items in multiple channels. For example, you might be selling on your own Shopify store, on Amazon, or maybe in person too! Managing where all your inventory and orders are coming from can be a pain.

Instead, you can use inFlow Cloud as your central database to track your inventory, orders, customers, vendors and more. With the Shopify integration, you can now have your Shopify orders pulled automatically right into inFlow Cloud — your one place for everything.

orders tracking

Your new Shopify orders get automatically sent to inFlow Cloud. Once the orders are fulfilled, your inventory will be updated to make sure your numbers are always accurate.

Designed for inventory

inFlow Cloud was designed to be your central database for your inventory business. It’s the main hub while you use other apps such as Shopify to sell your items. You’ll also get specific inventory features such as locations, FIFO costing, picking and barcoding. Not to mention the specialized inventory reports for estimating inventory duration, historical inventory counts and the option to view your stock by location.

Up to the minute imports

inFlow Cloud will check Shopify for 
new orders every minute.