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See your inputs and outputs through the lens of manufacturing software.

Bill of Materials simplify the assembly process by tying components directly to finished products. Take a look at a component and see which finished products use it, or look at a finished product and see what its components are.

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Learn how VMek uses inFlow to streamline manufacturing.

inFlow Customer Spotlight: VMek Sorting Technology

Know how much you can make at a glance.

It’s difficult to just look at a pile of parts and know how much you can make with them. That’s why inFlow calculates how much of a particular product you can make with your current inventory.

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Build costs into your finished products.

Manufacturing is more than the sum of its parts — there’s labor and markup, too. inFlow work orders integrate extra costs into each assembly, so your finished products are priced correctly as they’re made.

Manufacturing software features

Kitting and assembly

Pick raw materials
Customized builds
Build based on availability

Easy organization

Generate barcodes
Print labels
Reorder points


Labor costing
Component tracing
Manufacturing reports

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