The best inventory software for your business looks like this.

  • Purchasing
  • Reordering
  • Record payments
  • Purchase orders
  • Vendor
  • Vendor
  • Receiving & returns
  • Inventory management
  • Cycle counts
  • Manufacturing
  • Barcoding


  • B2B portal
  • E-commerce
  • Quotes & invoices
  • Customer
  • Balance tracking
  • Profit tracking
  • Shipping & fulfillment
  • Picking & returns
  • 32+ reports
  • Business dashboard

Our inventory software tracks the flow of product at your business. 

From vendor purchases to cycle counts to fulfilling invoices. Sell, manage, restock and review with inFlow.

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Track sales from your inventory software.

There’s more than one right way to sell products, and that’s why we help you capture sales from anywhere. Whether it’s over the web, on the phone, or in the field, there’s always a way to get your sales into inFlow. We don’t feel fulfilled until your orders are, so we support the full pick, pack, and ship workflow too.

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Manage your products.

Inventory is an investment and you need specialized inventory software to manage it effectively. Orders automatically reserve inventory when placed, and full barcode support via scanners or smartphone make quick work of stock adjustments. 

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Restock right on time.

Reorder points and low stock emails remind you to restock before you run out. Integrated vendor management and emailing make it easy to submit new purchase orders. Full barcode support increases your speed and accuracy when receiving new product deliveries.

Learn about reordering in inFlow.

Review with reports.

Every time your business purchases, sells, or moves a product, inFlow keeps a record. Dig deep with over 32 different customizable reports or consult the dashboard for a quick catch-up as you start your day.

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inFlow is inventory software and much, much more.