Bill of materials software for everyone.

Our bill of materials (BOM) software tracks the flow of product at your business.

Whether it’s stained glass, a hi-tech water monitoring solution, or intricate jewelry — inFlow has the features you need to streamline manufacturing.

Keep production running smoothly.

Too many manufacturing delays are caused by mismanaged inventory. Production teams may not be able to create new assemblies because the components are out of stock, or are already being used in another build.

inFlow helps you forecast how much you can assemble with current components, so you never have to halt production. 

Simplify assemblies with nested BOMs.

Does your business need to produce Product A before you can even think about producing Product B and C?

Not a problem! inFlow lets you nest sub-assemblies inside of one another so that you can keep track of everything on one order. Or you can break large builds into several smaller work orders. Whatever you manufacture, we can flow with your workflow.


How Eddy Home uses inFlow to streamline sales and production.

How Eddy Home handles inventory management | inFlow Inventory

Track costs and components.

When production is in full swing, it’s tough to remember which components you used in a custom assembly, or how many hours were spent making it.

That’s why inFlow records every single assembly and component, right down to quantity and cost. When everything is done and you have a moment to breathe, use our reports to look back on all the fine work you’ve done.

Loved and trusted by large, medium and small businesses worldwide.

Manufacturers agree: our software is the BOM. 

Forecast build quantities.

Check how much you can assemble with your current components.

Assemble it your way.

inFlow supports nesting and splitting BOMs for builds of any size.

Track while you work.

Record costs, components, and finished assemblies.

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